The Parting and Eben Kruge by Rich Adams

Richard Barlow Adams

West Point Graduate
Author, Speaker, Consulting Engineer
Vietnam Veteran, Former Aviator
SMU Adjunct Professor and
Vail Resort Ski Instructor

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The Parting Eben Kruge

Rich is the first of three brothers to graduate from West Point. After a military career, he founded and sold a consulting engineering company and then began writing short stories, poetry and historical fiction (“The Parting” and “Eben Kruge”). He is currently penning “Song Bé,” a Vietnam flashback story that draws on his experiences as an artillery 2nd Lieutenant serving with an infantry company during the 1968 Tet Offensive. The narrative also chronicles the American civil rights movement and the reality of post-traumatic stress disorder.

Richard Barlow Adams

Historic West Point

on the Eve of the Civil War

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