The Great Commision...

A Prayer for Witness


I am a sinner saved by grace, may never I forget,

The love of Christ, his precious blood that cancels all my debt.

To live the truth throughout my life, the world so desperate needs,

To speak of him, my risen Lord, a sower be of seeds.


So, help me Lord each day to fall in love with someone’s soul,

To share with them the awesome news, in part or in the whole,

Of saving grace, your gift of peace, abundant life and more,

The Father’s gift, his only Son, who died that we might soar.


Each day I pray the Spirit lead, direct me in my way,

And stir my heart and guide my tongue in all that I should say.

Amazing grace, transforming love, my cup you overfill.

Compel me, Lord, sustained by faith, in love to do your will.


Of this I’m sure, convicting truth, in me the world will see,

Each day a witness that I’m yours. I pray, a good one be.

That where I live, and where I move, and where I breathe the air,

Divine encounters I would seek, the saving news to share.