Life's Greatest Gift.

Dearest Child


You’ve come at last, we heard you cry,

To bless the lives of those drawn nigh.

Your mother smiles, your father too,

For joy you bring, the joy that’s you.


Your trusting eyes look up and see

The faces round filled full of glee,

That you have come to be a child,

A gift from God, so meek and mild.


You’re wondrous knit by God above,

Knit in His image, with His love.

Ten tiny fingers, tiny toes,

A loving heart the Spirit knows.


We pledge our faith and love to you,

To God above that we’ll be true.

To teach you of His awesome Son,

His love and vic’try for us won.


We’ve much to do to see you through,

To teach you all that you should do.

To keep God’s Word within your heart,

Find wisdom there to live your part.


To teach you of His saving grace,

Equip you for this earthly place.

To pray to Him and know He’s there

Throughout your life all things to bear.


We’re here, dear love, to share your birth,

God’s wondrous gift of precious worth.

He loves you child and this you’ll know,

Because the Bible tells you so.