"Rich Adams has very neatly merged a wonderful view of West Point just before the Civil War with the national turmoil of that time, and in the process shown the impact of that turmoil on individuals from all sections of our country. Well done! My heartiest congratulations!" - Dave R. Palmer, Lieutenant General, U.S. Army (Ret.), former superintendent of West Point, historian, Distinguished Graduate of West Point, and author of The Summons of the Trumpet, The Way of the Fox, and George Washington and Benedict Arnold.

"I've just now finished reading "The Parting"--a very fine achievement! I think you handled your complicated plot expertly, especially the shifting time settings. I also like the tone and general balance to the military in your love story with Clara. Really, this is very good work and I hope you're hard at work on another book (maybe a sequel?)."—Max Byrd, professor emeritus of English, UC Davis, and author of three historical fictions: Jefferson, Jackson, and Grant.

"...Thanks to the great work of Rich Adams in The Parting, such a terrible period in America's history is presented in a most profound and riveting fashion. There is a truth on these pages we can all benefit from. A great read." —Hal Moore, Lieutenant General, US Army (Ret.), Distinguished Graduate of West Point, and co-author of the best-selling book and block-buster movie, We Were Soldiers Once...And Young.

"In this wonderful book, Rich Adams tells a powerful and poignant story about West Point and West Pointers on the cusp of the Civil War... A "must read" for every fan of historical fiction as well as for Civil War buffs in general. Brilliant. Stunning." —Tom Carhart, author of Lost Triumph: Lee's Real Plan at Gettysburg—And Why It Failed.

"With its roots in extensive historical research, Rich Adams' The Parting brings alive the terrible tragedy of the Civil War and the tearing apart of West Point's Class of 1861, as its members chose to fight either for their state or for the nation..." —Montgomery C. Meigs, General US Army (Ret.), former commander of US Army Europe, and great, great, great nephew of Major General Montgomery C. Meigs, West Point Class of 1836 and quartermaster general of the Union Army during the Civil War.

"The Parting is an authentic period-piece story and a gift for the ages to the Long Gray Line and to all who embrace America's rich and sometimes heartbreaking history." —Thomas B. Dyer III, president of the West Point Class of 1967, Distinguished Graduate of West Point, and chairman emeritus of the West Point Association of Graduates.

"The Parting is a captivating story about how the officers and cadets of West Point, especially those from the cotton and border states, confronted divisive national political issues on the eve of the Civil War... Having entered West Point from Tuscaloosa, Alabama, only a century later, I identified on the most profound level with the main character, John Pelham, native son of Alabama, who during the Civil War would be lauded as 'Gallant Pelham' by many, including Generals Robert E. Lee and J.E.B. Stuart." —John S. Caldwell, Jr., Lieutenant General, US Army (Ret.).


"All of us agreed that Rich Adams' book, The Parting, deserved 5 out of 5 stars." Cheryl, librarian and Landmark Book Club leader, Denver.

"I'm impressed with your writing skills. I laughed at (the cadet) pranks, such as the mouse memorial; but also cried, particularly with the necessary separation of the Southerners, but mainly with the losses of the Civil War, and the afterstory describing the losses. Your scholarly research was much in evidence, both in the lives of the cadets, but also the Academy, the Army, and even the many mentions of the Revolutionary War. How I wish we could visit West Point; but I can see the skies, hear the river, stand in awe of the architecture and history just from your words! One cannot turn a page without recognizing your intense pride in the Academy and your love and respect for our nation. Congratulations on a masterful historical novel. Why don't I see you on Fox and Friends...selling 100,000 copies?! I wish you every success!" Joe, Edwards, CO.

 "I just finished reading The Parting...I couldn't put it down save for threats of dinners thrown out... As a Civil War history enthusiast...I appreciate so much that you developed a novel and captivating story line while sticking predominantly to real historical characters, facts, and events." Jim, Scottsmoor, FL.

"When I read The Parting, I wasn't sure what to expect, not really being very interested in the Civil War. But I found the story to be much more about West Point and the wonderful young men of the Class of 1861 and how they responded to events and each other. But even more intriguing for me was their social life with chaperoned young ladies who came to visit the Academy. I was pleased to find Clara Bolton from Philadelphia, the feminist lead in the story, every bit the match for the story's protagonist, John Pelham from Alabama. Theirs is a great love story." Sandra, Red Rocks, CO.

"I loved it!  I learned alot of things about West Point (particularly Benny Havens) that I never knew. You write extremely well, and it is obvious you did some serious research.  The last 1/3 of the book I couldn't put it down, and my own emotions welled up when reading about the fates of John Pelham, Adelbert Ames, Henry du Pont, Ned Kirby, and Tom Rosser.  It brought back so many memories of our own classmates." Bill, a West Point classmate. 

"Tour de force of a critical period in American history. Also wonderful color for life at West Point. Highly recommend." Ed, Santa Barbara.

"...It's a first class book. Reminds me of some of the very best books I've read...I want to congratulate you.  You are clearly a top notch author." Larry, Franklin, TN.

"...griping & captivating and paints wonderful pictures in the mind." Jim, San Diego.

"What an incredible story! And being from Birmingham, just north of Pelham, AL, named for John Pelham in the story, you made that wonderful man come to life.  Thank you." Judy, Birmingham.

"I've been a member of a book club for three years, and only after we read "The Parting" did we all agree that we had read an incredible book!" Ruth, Denver.

"I just finished your book and truly LOVED it! I reread the pages often to enjoy your style of writing. You have so many details and historic facts. I really learned so much from reading your book."  Cindy, New Jersey.

"I read your book in Hawaii...I LOVED it!!! This is such a piece... You did an enormous amount of research." Randy, Nashville.

"I couldn't put the book down, and after reading it, I wished I had gone to West Point." Jim, Greenwood Village, CO.

"Bought, read it. Enjoyed the history lesson and the story. You did good! I have it on my Kindle for Mac. Any chance of getting an autographed copy as well?" Buzz, Santa Fe.

"I was very lucky to inherit from my dad a love of the Civil War and a good collection of books...of all these books, yours ranks (right) up there.  It is a very poignant, moving story." Herb, Edwards, CO. 



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