"I was given the opportunity to read the manuscript of “Eben Kruge” before its publication and I found its originality engrossing. I knew at once it would be thoroughly enjoyed by all who love good writing, the works of Dickens, and enjoy a quick read which is more than satisfying. I love "Could it have happened this way?" tales and I enjoyed not only the personal information regarding Dickens and his wife, but also the word portrait Adams painted of America as it was at the time Dickens made his visit."

Shirley Simpson, Equity Actress, writer, director and producer, Miramar Beach, FL

Eben Kruge: How “A Christmas Carol” Came to be Written…A Story About Charles Dickens is a wonderful companion piece to Dickens’s Christmas classic. It is a story about the author of the Christmas classic, and what inspired him to write it. Adams captures our imagination from the preface onward, and maintains a strong grip until we turn the last page. We are at once drawn into the Victorian mind, circumstances, and world of Dickens and find ourselves geographically where we would least expect to be…and yet where Dickens was before he wrote the Christmas Carol. We half expect to encounter “lookalikes” to Scrooge, Marley, Cratchit, Tiny Tim, and the attendant ghosts, but are much relieved not to.  Rather, we see the life experiences that drove Dickens to write his beloved Christmas story.
        As Dickens managed to do in his story, Adams has written a story that reveals the true meaning of Christmas—that God is real, that in Christmas He has done what we can never do for ourselves, and that in living our lives we should value and embrace the lives of others, no matter their station.  Eben Kruge not only offered an insightful read personally but provided our church members with a rich resource as we walked through a Christmas sermon series titled, “A Christmas Carol.”

Pastor Craig Smith, The Vail Church

"Adams does a wonderful job adding another dimension to the heartwarming Christmas classic! This is a must read for anyone that enjoys history, Dickens or A Christmas Carol. Adams's spin on how the famous story was created is fascinating, but more importantly, his perspective on Dickens - his devotion to his faith, family and craft - is inspiring."

Kyle Zeringue, Baton Rouge, LA

"A Christmas Carol is a favorite this time of year (usually in movie/video form) and to enjoy this author's account, fictitious albeit based on facts, is so enjoyable and a very good read. During this reading one enters the mind of Charles Dickens as he visits America from England, meets the eccentric character of Eben Kruge, and thereon begins his search for a new story to be written. I heartily recommend this book for any time of the year."

Jeannie Smith, Clermont, FL      

"Step back into early America - with Charles Dickens at your side. Follow him along the beautiful Hudson River - a journey that leads to the story of Eben Kruge: How "A Christmas Carol" Came to be Written. It is a tale shrouded in mists and mysteries. Come to believe in the supernatural; come to know that the Ghost of Christmas Past is real."

Billy Gray, President of Billy Gray Ministries, Sandestin, FL

I've finished "Eben Kruge" and can say reading it just before Christmas was perfect timing. It added to the spirit of the season, and has an honored place in my library, one where it can be seen and read by others among family and friends. Being familiar with the setting added to my enjoyment of your story, I'm sure, but anyone who has ever read the Dickens tale should savor this "prequel" to it.  It is a splendid book...Congratulations!

Dave Palmer, LTG (Ret.) & former Superintendent of West Point, Belton, Texas

"I just had a great evening reading Eben Kruge in one sitting. The book is 100 pages and the author held my interest from first page to last. I gained some new insight into Charles Dickens the man that will drive me to reread some of Dicken's classics starting with A Christmas Carol. I encourage anyone to read this book. Rich Adams tells a great tale and has a special gift with words. I read his previous book, The Parting; A Story of West Point on the Eve of the Civil War, earlier this year. Both books bring history and characters to life. I look forward to his next effort."

Michael Connell, Red Sky, CO

"There are writers who can "connect all the dots" by using an intriguing story line and Rich Adams has done just that with Eben Kruge. By drawing us into the tale of two men, Charles Dickens who has come to America with his wife hoping to find a character for a certain story, and Eben Kruge, a very unusual man who has a past that is full of "issues", Adams carefully and skillfully engages the reader from the beginning to the end. The character of Charles Dickens that's painted in this story reveals things never before published. A one sitting read and well the worth time. This story couldn't have appeared in print at a better time than during the Christmas season! You'll be glad you read it."

          Dick Christensen, Destin, FL

"Adams has captured the essence of the Christmas spirit in Eben Kruge, and it will be a treasure for those who love all things Dickens."    

  Bryan Brinks, Stapleton, CO

"What a wonderful story to read before Christmas! Richard Adams has done a masterful job introducing us to a Charles Dickens we never knew. Anyone who loves Dickens's stories, and especially A Christmas Carol, will thoroughly enjoy this story and the way Dickens comes to life. Do not miss out on this gem!"

       Thomas Haller, Annapolis, MD

"A well-written, easy read which is a Christmas story in itself as well as being a fictionally reasonable precursor to Dickens's A Christmas Carol. However well loved the story, Dicken's 19th Century writing style is tedious to most 21st Century readers; in Eben Kruge, Adams employs a fluid, fast-moving and engrossing writing style which is very enjoyable."

       James Hayman, Oak Hill, FL

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