Speaker Program Responses


On behalf of the West Point Society of Greater Houston, thank you for your presentation on your book, “The Parting.” Your insight into the personal toll of war on the class of 1861 was invaluable. The human drama of war is often overlooked in favor of the broader strategic and tactical aspects of war. “The Parting” reminds us of both the tragedy of War and its even darker personal aspects of friends fighting friends.

Matthew Dossey
President, West Point Society of Greater Houston


Richard Adams has come to Anniston, AL, on two occasions to address my Anniston Rotary Club about his books, “The Parting” and “Eben Kruge.” For “The Parting,” he took us back in history to West Point, as classmates prepared to fight one another in the Civil War, and had some of his story characters deliver very moving monologues. For “Eben Kruge,” he donned a top hat and spoke as young Charles Dickens who had just learned about the man Eben Kruge (who would be his inspiration for the “Christmas Carol”). He also addressed a large audience at the Anniston Public Library in connection with "The Parting" and its protagonist, John Pelham, who was from nearby Jacksonville.

Pete Morgan
Anniston, AL

My heart was touched by your program about Christmas traditions. Your program reminded and encouraged me to reflect the true meaning of Christmas.

Lorie Springer
Country Club of Louisiana, Book and Garden Clubs

Rich Adams is a popular speaker and has spoken to the residents of Crystal Bay on three occasions, always drawing a large crowd. He has captivating programs with great slides, and is a great engager of the audience. I particularly enjoyed his talk about young West Pointers about to graduate from the Academy, who would fight each other in the Civil War. He spoke as some of the characters in the book that he wrote, and it drove home the reality of what it must have been like for best friends to face each other on a battlefield.
Donna Hamilton
Activities Director
Crystal Bay Senior Living Facility
Miramar Beach, FL



While at Rosemary Beach, FL this past Thanksgiving, we were at the Hidden Lantern Bookstore for a talk by author Rich Adams about his book “Eben Kruge.” Very well delivered lecture and story telling. Facts and legends discussed were enlightening and fun to hear. Enjoyed the book and looking forward to reading his other books.

Bob & Sarah Haley


Rich, I have received rave reviews of your presentation at Rotary and I told everyone that they really have to read the book.  It is a great read and you surely are a wonderful writer as well as presenter.  Thanks again for making our Christmas special this year!

Frank McArthur
Baton Rouge Rotary Club


Mr. Adams, the program you presented to our Junior League book club was amazing. All the ladies love it, and your slide show was so much fun, as was learning about West Point and what its graduates and near graduates experienced on the eve of the Civil War - very special. Such a tough time in our country’s history. Please come back and talk to us about your next book!

Cole Jennings
Baton Rouge, LA


I wanted to drop you a quick note about how much I enjoyed your program at the Baton Rouge Rotary Club a few weeks ago.  The information on the history of the Christmas celebration in the United States was well researched and provided great insight.  Your delivery of the story was compelling.   The presentation gave me great tidbits to spark conversation over the holidays and I can’t wait to read the book.

J. Gerald Jolly, CPA


Mr. Adams, I just wanted you to know how much I enjoyed your second talk to the Burnt Pine Book Club about Charles Dickens and the man Eben Kruge in your book. I’ve read the book, and found myself believing it all to be true, even though you assured us it was a fiction. It would make a great movie! But I want you to know that I still remember when you talked to us about your Civil War book and the West Point classmates who fought each other! Finish your next book and come back!

Judy Stephens
Sandestin, FL


I was invited as a guest to the Christmas program at the Baton Rouge Rotary club this past week, and very much enjoyed the program about Charles Dickens, what Christmas was like during the Victorian age, and how a few New Yorkers planted the seeds for the Christmas we have today. Very interesting, and the speaker, Rich Adams, was excellent.

Craig J


I was lucky to take time during the busy holiday season to hear Rich Adams talk about Christmas traditions based on his research for writing “Eben Kruge.” Not only was his book interesting and entertaining, so was his talk. It was fun to learn how many secular Christmas traditions came to be while being reminded of the real reason we celebrate Christmas. It is evident that he writes and speaks about topics dear to him. I plan to read his book, The Parting, next!

Dena Rispone Balart


I loved your presentation. . . . . .the content was awesome. I hope you will come back next year and talk about your other book, The Parting. Have a very Merry Christmas.

Kristy Larson
CCL Book Club