Expanding on Galatians 5:22,23 (NIV)...“But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self control. Against such things there is no law.”

The Spirit's Fruit ©


The Spirit’s Fruit, God’s grace in us, does daily guide our way

And girds us round with armor strong, the righteous path to stay

Aroma sweet of Godly life, for those of faith to share

With young and old, and rich and poor, in times of foul and fair


And there are nine such Spirit Fruit, and perfect is their blend

Within the bowl of Christian hearts, the blessings found within

Of care and comfort, strength and faith, to serve the hurt and lost

Responding to the call of Christ, and counting not the cost


The first is Love, agape love, Christ’s heart and hands and feet

To share the news of saving grace with all that we might meet

To speak the truth of who we were, how Christ redeemed our souls

From sin confessed and will for self, to fit us for His goals


Next is Joy that comes to those, secure in all they do

That they are children of the Lord, whose promises are true

Assured in life, what e’er may come, His Spirit dwells within

To guide and comfort, teach and lead, on paths that conquer sin


 And Peace is next, the peace of God, of knowing that He’s there

Through daily trials, temptation’s sting, all things with us to bear

And all because Christ died for us, and rose triumphant Lord

To whom the angels sing their praise, their gloried anthem chord


Come Patience now, though not so quick, its nature bids us wait

But once mature, empowers us to boldly live our fate

With eyes upon the upward call, when full the race is run

And Christ, Himself, in paradise, declares to us—well done


Warm Kindness next, tending wounds, the needs of those we meet

Samaritan in word and deed, a friend who washes feet

Who knows no rank, nor selfish pride, nor turns the eye or ear

But sees the peril in the soul, the devil lurking near 


Then Goodness next, living life in witness to the Light

God’s Son, our Savior, Christ the Lord, the Way, the Truth, and Life

To speak of Him and be like Him, to draw to Him the lost

Who, as we did, in darkness live, by sin and Satan tossed


Now Faithfulness, to stay the course, the fruit that makes us strong

To stand against the devil’s schemes, his lies and seeds of wrong

And armed are we with God’s own Word; the Bible is our sword

Its truth and wisdom, ageless strength, to serve our risen Lord


Next Gentleness, sweet fragrant fruit that seasons all the rest

With comfort’s touch and words of grace and strength to face the test

Of living life through tempest storms, when seas and winds assail

To grasp the hand of Christ himself, whose mercies never fail


Last Self Control, the final fruit, restraint the Spirit’s goal

That quick to listen, slow to speak, unblemished keeps the whole

And fits us well to do our part where evil plays its game

By curbing tongue, controlling flesh, invoking Jesus’ Name


How marvelous this bowl of fruit, the Spirit’s work in us

As workers in a broken world, God’s face of righteousness

Though fail we may, from day to day, we’re children saved by grace

Secure in Christ’s own precious blood, renewed to run the race


So think upon The Spirit’s Fruit, refreshed for each new day

And to the world, to all you meet, be salt along the way

And light that others they may see the grace that dwells within

God’s gift to you, His only Son, who conquered death and sin