Written after my wife and I experienced Venice for the first time...

Venice Wine ©  

There is a place in Europe’s womb where commerce came to be

That raised its sons and trained them up as captains of the sea

To steer the ships and brave the storms and sail to distant shore

To barter cloth and spice and gold, to spread its glory more


Fair Marco Polo, home at last, shared pasta from the east

And stories wild of peoples, lands, and fire-breathing beasts

Surprising not his own at home, who steeped in mystery

Made risk reward and danger sport each trip on land and sea


Now times have changed, the power’s gone, but not the gift of trade

As shop-lined streets sell wondrous glass on nearby island made

And countless other this-and-thats appealing to the needs

Of those who’ve come to taste its fare and hear of former deeds


Yes, on they come to learn what was, of island gem and more

Whose maze of stone and watered streets draws many to its shore

Who’ll take a lane and cross a bridge and care not if they’re late

Since treasured sights and savored scents attend the way less straight


Each in its grip begins a change, embracing all that’s dear

Mid strains of love transforming night, the songs of gondolier

For every age, romance is new as beating hearts entwine

And silent oar propels each two entranced by Venice wine